A Guide To Packaging


Here at Exchange Gymnastics, we want to make it as easy as possible to buy and sell your second hand gymnastics equipment. To do this, we are able to arrange the shipping of your item, so you don't have the headache of finding quotes from companies who can take bulky or heavy items.

All we ask of you is to follow these guidelines, to make sure the items can be shipped easily and affordably:

Item Description

The description of the item, weight & number of items are all correct. This prevents the shipping company refusing to ship the item due to it's size & weight.

Preperation & Packaging

The item is packaged safely, securely and carefully, with plenty of protection around the item so it does not get damaged in transport.

Cost of Item

The item does not exceed £15,000 in value. If an item does exceed this value, please contact us to discuss the item further.

Fragile Goods

Any item which is fragile - such as items made of unprotected glass, china or other fragile material, or items which may easily break - should be first discussed with the Exchange Gymnastics team before listing on the website.

We'll do our best to deliver

Occasionally, we can expect deliveries to be delayed, due to (but not limited to) incremental weather conditions such as ice, snow, storms & flooding. We'll always do our best to deliver the item on time.