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Who are Exchange Gymnastics?

My name is Jon Fuller and I am one of the Co-Founders of Exchange Gymnastics. I’m an ex-Great Britain gymnast, I have also coached to a regional and national level and now hold the position of General Manager at one of the largest gymnastics clubs here in the UK.

Gymnastics has been part of my life from the age of four when I attended my very first class at school. I competed in my first international competition at the age of 14 and went on to represent Great Britain on 10 occasions, including The World School Games and The European Championships. I shifted to sales after retiring from competing, but I couldn’t resist getting back into gymnastics as General Manager at one of Great Britain’s most successful clubs.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to introduce you to Exchange Gymnastics.

Quite simply Exchange Gymnastics is the easiest way to buy and sell your second-hand gymnastics equipment online.

Now I know from my time selling gymnastics equipment for certain UK manufacturers and also now as a General Manager that many clubs do not always have the funds to purchase new equipment and when speaking to them it was clear that they would be happy purchasing secondhand equipment, hence why I believe Exchange Gymnastics is the platform gymnastics clubs have been waiting for.

I also know that clubs have numerous pieces of equipment that are just lying around and not being used and this is where Exchange Gymnastics services benefit both those that are selling (as you get money for your unwanted equipment) and those buying (as you get the piece of equipment you are wanting at a great price). A Win, Win equipment buying and selling solution.

It’s absolutely free to list your items with Exchange Gymnastics and we market your equipment to our large database of clubs here within the UK. Exchange Gymnastics charges a small commission fee for all equipment sold – so it really is in our interests to help you buy and sell.

Exchange Gymnastics commision structure is simple: for all sales under £250, we charge £25 commission. For all sales between £250 and £500, we charge £50 commission. For any sale over £500, we charge 10% commission. This will be taken from the final sale price (not including shipping fee).

The Exchange Gymnastics website is designed to help clubs easily buy and sell secondhand gymnastics equipment. It is the only website in the UK that allows the seller to exchange their unwanted equipment for money, which can be spent on whatever you like. And, as every piece of second-hand equipment is from trusted facilities, you have the piece of mind that you will receive good quality equipment at great prices.

So what are you waiting for? Start selling and buying second-hand gymnastics equipment with